The Daylight War – slight rant. Contains spoilers.


Earlier this year, I read The Daylight War immediately after it was released. It was a book that I was looking forward to and unfortunately, I was really disappointed. I was over half way through the book before I even felt interested in most of it.

The first two books, while maybe not ground breaking works of fantasy, were fun to read, books that kept me turning pages until I realized I was suddenly at the end. So, I was a bit surprised and frustrated at my lack of engagement with this one. After giving it some thought, I decided to list out some of the things that didn’t work for me:

  • Krasia. I hate this place. For what I would think to be obvious reasons, the society is not meant to be appealing. However, I have heard some people mention how much they love Krasia. In previous books, it didn’t feature as prominently or if it did, it was from the POV of men rather than women … Getting Inevera’s POV, I hate this place even more.  Since much of the book was located here, I think this sort of drug me down a bit.
  • Renna. I don’t like her. I didn’t care for her in the other books either, but she was much more prominent/prevalent in this. Every time I came to one of her chapters, I cringed. And to top it off, Arlen’s manner of speech from being with her became grating. I really hope he goes back to talking normal in future books.
  • Timeline.  Inevera’s point of view was set back prior or during time frames we already read about. I know this is not uncommon in books, I’ve never had an issue with it before, but for some reason, knowing what path she would go down, knowing for sure she would marry Jadir, she would be Damajah, knowing she would be powerful, etc. etc. seemed to take some of the suspense away. We had not been presented her POV before, and I did like getting it, but combination of knowing much of what would happen and not liking Krasia, I just couldn’t get into it.
  • The women. I am not one that is quick to complain about women in books. But at some point, in this one, I noticed that not a single woman was able to advance or gain power without using sexual manipulation. Perhaps an argument could be made that Renna does not fall into this category. But if she doesn’t then she falls into the category of only gaining power in an effort to keep up with her man. Her motivation centers around Arlen. Now, sexual manipulation can be an effective tool for some characters. The Krasian culture, that seems to be the only tool allotted women. And to deny all female characters of it, quite frankly is just not very realistic. But when every single female with any semblance of power gains it in some way as a result of sexual manipulation or only as an effort to please “her man”, I guess I hit my limit of what I am fine with, or at least hit my limit of what I care to read.

I think it all just boiled down to many things I didn’t care for and not enough that I did. I could overlook any one of the things I listed above, if there had been more about the book I enjoyed. I had a hard time putting the first two books down, so I had really high expectations for this one. Maybe my expectations were just too high. I’m not sure. I just know instead of feeling like I couldn’t put it down, I felt like I was forcing myself to pick it back up so I could finish and move on.  :-\

And the ending … I felt like it should have had some dramatic impact. Maybe I am just a good guesser. But I was not the least surprised by it.

That said, I will still likely read the 4th book, because I am hoping it might get better than this one? I dunno. Read and find out I guess.


2 comments on “The Daylight War – slight rant. Contains spoilers.

  1. I really enjoyed the first two in this series but then for some reason came to a standstill with this one. I need to get over it I suppose and pick it up. I have read mixed reviews which put me off but I should just get on with it and make my own decision. Plus I want to continue with the series !
    Lynn 😀

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