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I am Legend by Richard Matheson

Wow, to sum up I am Legend by Richard Matheson: it is Intense. Robert Neville is fighting to survive every day, or rather night, as the last surviving human. A plague has turned the rest of the population, including his friends, family and neighbors in to bloodthirsty creatures, monsters, zombies, vampires, whatever you would like to […]

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan is an ambitious fantasy on an undeniable epic scale. The cover of this book is a perfect representation. It captures Tamas looking tired, worn down on the throne, grasping his weapon, all on a dais covered with spilt blood and a discarded crown. The Age of Kings is dead […]

Dreams and Shadows by Robert C. Cargill

Dreams and Shadows by Rober C. Cargill will open your eyes to the darker side of the fae as it illustrates a very interesting take on fairy tales. The creepy, disturbing, and frankly terrifying nature they bring to the human world.  The story follows the life of two boys. Ewan, who was raised among the […]

Heartwood by Freya Robertson

I was looking forward to Heartwood since I heard about it months ago. It’s a book about knights, war and magic. Excited to get an ARC of this from Angry Robot, I was eager to finally read it. Sadly, I was disappointed. I don’t know exactly what style of book I expected, but the one […]

Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin

Looking back over my book club reads for the year, Fevre Dream was one of my favorites, so I decided to write up a review of it. I am a huge fan of ASoIaF, but had not read Martin’s Fevre Dream. With such a successful series, you have to wonder about earlier books by the […]

Talking About Books: Online Book Clubs, Forums and Real Life

So, for those of you that know me from the forum, you won’t be surprised to hear that I am a fan (addict) of online book clubs. Just to give you an idea how much of an addict, within the past 9 months, I have participated in 22 book club reads on at least some […]

The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan

The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan is a beautifully written epic fantasy. I enjoyed Altered Carbon, but I can’t say I noticed Morgan’s prose as much as I did in this. There are three points of view in this, and I have to admit to a strong preference for Ringil. I feel like he […]